I’m not the most comfortable talking about myself, but this is my portfolio—*so I just need to deal!

I am an award-winning art director/designer, currently at Target Creative, Minneapolis MN. I am known to approach work holistically—I can paint the big picture as well as make sure no detail is left behind. I strive to create compelling work with the audience at the forefront—with research, development, strategy, product and client in mind and propelling forward. I have an extensive knowledge of social ad units and can strategically create content across all platforms. Although my schooling was in graphic design, my career has allowed me to also flourish in art direction for stills, video and motion.

*these em dashes don’t seem long enough to my liking, but let me assure you, they are!

e: sara.l.lintner@gmail.com
p: 612.227.3459

Minneapolis, MN